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Welcome to the SMART Union website for Local 933.  
Regular meetings are held at 10:00am on the first Wednesday of each month.

Sheet Metal Workers International Association Building
2902 Blue Ridge Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64129

2902 Blue Ridge Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64129

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At the last regular meeting of this local motions were made, and passed, to change our regular start time to 10:00 am. Starting December 2nd. The meeting will still be held at the Sheet Metal Local 2 Union Hall @ 2902 Blue Ridge Boulevard in Kansas City, Missouri. Basement meeting room.

UPRR 2004 Deadheading Policy

If you are called to deadhead via 2nd unit, make sure all of the requirements in the policy are met and be sure to inspect the toilet for cleanliness.  Even if the requirements are met, we strongly suggest reporting any safety concerns to the safety hotline. If you have any issues with diesel exhaust exposure, notify management immediately and remember that it is your right to request medical treatment if you need it.   


Brothers & Sisters,

The SLSU has been selected to participate in a pilot project that will allow TE&Y employees to schedule pre approved PL and single LV days up to 120 days in advance. Once they are pre approved they cannot be denied. These pre approved layoffs will be requested online through the UP's EAMS system and once approved must be activated up to 16 hours ahead or 16 hours after the scheduled start time of the pre approved day off. Activating these days is a crucial part of this pilot becoming a success and passing it on to our fellow brothers and sisters. If it is determined that an employee is scheduling pre approved days off and not activating the approved days they may be removed from the pilot project .  Attached a PowerPoint presentation that will hopefully better explain how this process works with EAMS. You can start to request pre approved layoffs beginning Thursday, October 1st, 2015 at 12:00 noon. 


Brothers & Sisters,

Attached are the vacancy calling procedures that are supposed to be followed by CMS.  You will also find an email below that was sent back in 2012 when CMS was pretty persistent in calling crews to step up.  If CMS Robo Calls you, make sure you are called on your own turn.  If you are not, notify CMS immediately of these calling procedures and ask to be put on your own turn. 
If all else fails, do not refuse the call, but let CMS know that you will be filing a time claim for augmentation of the extraboard and being forced to protect a turn that is not your own. 
The time claim for this is also attached and both files can be found on the homepage of our website. 

Thad Krawczyk
Local 933 Pres./Legis. Rep.

See Below...


Brothers and Sisters,

Below you will find our contacts for OSHA's Whistleblower Protection Program and a link to the Whistleblower website.  
I have also added the information to to our Local's website on the homepage and under the Links tab. 


Brian Wood
2300 Main Street, Suite 1010
Kansas City, MO 64108
Office: (816) 283-8745

Mike Oesch
Regional Investigator
2033 Main Street, Suite 1010
Kansas City, MO 64108
Office: (816) 283-0545

Karena Lorek
Assistant Regional Admistrator
2033 Main Street, Suite 1010
Kansas City, MO 64108
Office: (816) 283-0545

Message From Timekeeping 

Feb 13th 2015

Please read all information to ensure you are paid properly when entitled to 2 trip rates when dog catching or performing turnaround service!!!!!

You are receiving this message as you are identified as someone assigned to or may work in the Kansas City to Jeff City pool, or possibly other pools with the same agreement. You are entitled to a second trip rate for "dog catching" or performing "turnaround service". The claim is on the AVAILABLE CLAIMS screen of both the deadhead timeslip and the working timeslip. The claim is titled "NEW DAY FOR DOGCATCHING". Use this claim regardless if you are performing, dog catch or turnaround service. You should not need to use this when you work terminal to terminal and back, you should always be tie up when working terminal to terminal.

Effective, March 1, 2015, Timekeeping will no longer accept DOUBLING YOUR RUN MILES or XX CLAIM NOT FOUND for a second trip rate. You must use the available claim "NEW DAY FOR DOGCATCHING". If not claimed using the "NEW DAY FOR DOGCATCHING" your claim will be declined as improperly submitted.

FRA REGULATIONS: You must properly complete your FRA Hours of Duty report with all trains handled and all deadheading / transport (rubber tire moves).



Second Trip Rate

If you are on a trip rate pool that is entitled to a second trip rate for dog catching at the home or away from home terminal, please follow the process outlined below.  Do not use XX CLAIM NOT FOUND or DOUBLE YOUR MILES. 

1 - Dogcatching at the home or away from home terminal and work or deadhead to the opposite terminal, you must not tie up until you get to the opposite terminal.  On you tie up you should claim "NEW DAY FOR DOGCATCHING".  Each pool has their unique trip rate listed. 

2 - Dogcatching at the home terminal and tie up at the home terminal for rest,  tie up only after the last train is dog caught and you are going home for rest.   Once you tie up you should claim "NEW DAY FOR DOGCATCHING". Each pool has their unique trip rate listed.

3 - Terminal to Terminal and Return (Combined Service or Separate and Apart) - If you deadhead or work from your home terminal to the away from home terminal and you are going to work or deadhead back to the home terminal you MUST TIE UP at the away from home terminal and be placed on a train or deadhead from the afht back to the home terminal.  This will pay you the two trip rates or flip rate depending on your call, you do not need to submit a claim. 

If you believe you have not been paid properly, make sure you have submitted your claim for NEW DAY FOR DOGCATCHING claim.  You can adjust your timeslip at any time to add the claim.  Please open a web ticket if you have questions.

Jeff City Contacts

Adam McProud 918-577-2942

Dave Shepherd 913-284-9264

Michelle Hogg 816-225-1996

Jeff City Yard Office 573-681-6261

Diesel Desk 402-554-7509

Travelodge  573-636-0441


JC Corridor Mgr. 402-636-7343

Family Emergency 888-877-7015

Sedalia/JC Sub Disp. 800-726-1065

River Sub Disp. 800-216-9089

Marceline Sub Disp. 817-867-7002

KC Metro East 816-399-1841

KC Metro West 816-399-1847

KCT Disp. 913-551-2187


6400 Martin Ave. 816-399-1406

Chief Clerk 816-399-1400

Run Through 816-215-0553

Command Center 816-399-1869

Topping Tower 816-399-1390

Quindaro Yard 816-399-1900

Armourdale Tower 816-399-1910

18th Street Tower 816-399-1912

East Bowl 816-399-1580

Power Foreman 816-399-1871

Switch Tender 816-399-1391

Nurse Michelle 816-399-1403

Redblock 866-311-7255

RMCC 888-877-7267

Safety Hotline 800-373-8192

333 Shanty 816-399-1333

East Bowl Dollhouse 816-399-1590

Ustic Tower 913-551-2365

Work Orders 800-243-5417

5am Updates 816-399-1800

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