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SMART Local 933

Submitting Time Claims

Use the following templates when submitting claims.  Remember that WHO, WHAT, WHEN & WHERE are very important. Make sure you describe violations in full detail in the comments section of your claim and all pertinent information including NAMES, MILEPOST, TRAIN SYMBOL and include appropriate timeslips, lineups, board standings or rosters.  Also, when submitting a claim, make copies of your claim and working time slips. The more information submitted, the better chance you will have of your claim being approved during the appeal process. 

Message From Timekeeping

Claims need to be properly submitted immediately after service is performed. Below are guidelines for submission for claim categories. Vouchers are not issued for late claims. Pay dates are listed on MyUP portal Crew/Timekeeping References/Pay Period Closeout Dates

1. All claims associated to your working trips must be claimed from the available claims screen on your tie-up. If you do a quick tie-up or forgot a claim you need to adjust your timeslip. Go to your Timeslip Inquiry, select the timeslip that you need to add or adjust a claim, select the "ADJUST CLAIM" button; you can then proceed as you normally do. If a claim is available on your service claim and is not used your claim may be declined. You do not have to be on duty to adjust your available claims.

2. XX CLAIM NOT FOUND is only to be used when there are no other claims available on your non service or service claim, if claim not available please state the claim was not available and when not placed on duty add all information about job; also very unusual circumstances.

3. CX COMPANY BUSINESS/RULES is to be used for all time you off your assignment for other service such as for rules, safety, SIP, simulator, critical incident, etc. You do not have to wait for your turn to return to the home terminal. You should submit your claim immediately after you perform your service. Do not wait until several days after the training or meeting to submit your claim.